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Free to try. Pay only when you publish your public website.


You can use SiteValet free of charge as long as you like. You can build your entire website and preview a complete, working version. You pay only when you’re ready to publish your site to the web.

Only $49.95/month. That's It.

$49.95 per month for unlimited use of SiteValet. This includes everything you need to setup, publish and host your website. The only exception is that we need you to pay for and bring your own registered domain name.

Cancel Any Time.

We would hate to see you go, but we’re not going to rip you off when you start, and we’re not going to rip you off when you leave. Cancel any time and we’ll stop billing you right away.

Premium Services and Add-Ons

The core SiteValet service is all most folks will need, but we do have some premium services and add-ons you may want to consider.

Custom Themes

We think our library of free themes is great, but we understand that some of our customers want a design that is theirs alone.