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We’re just getting started. Ask us a question over here. If we start to hear it a lot, we’ll add it to the FAQ.

What happens when I signup to “try” SiteValet?
Signing up is completely free and you can use SiteValet for as long as you like. You start paying only when you decide you would like to “publish” your SiteValet-powered website to the web.

We encourage people to just signup and kick the tires. Add a little bit of info to get a feel for things, or build a complete site. You can preview it anytime to see what your final website will look like, and you can try applying any or all of our themes to find a design that you like.

Do you do languages other than English?
The SiteValet application (where you build and manage your application) is English-only.

For the websites we create (your website) we currently do English-only. However, we’re in the process of adding Google Translate as a feature you can add to your website. This will provide your website visitors with the option of displaying your website in their native language. Google Translate doesn’t provide perfect, business-calibre translations, but we consider it a better-than-nothing approach to providing your information in other languages.

Can I customize the look of my website (fonts, background images, colors, etc.)?
We think our free, standard themes are great and will suit the needs of most of our customers. Unfortunately, they are not customizable. You have to like them just the way they are.

If these don’t meet your needs, we do offer Custom Themes. Custom themes allow you to work with our theme designers and specify your preferences. Custom themes also allow us to do some things we can’t do with our standard themes. Custom themes cost $899.

What happens if I decide to leave SiteValet? Do I “own” my website?
To avoid any disruption in your website, we recommend you make arrangements to create and host your website elsewhere and that you’re all set to go before you shut down your SiteValet account.

Of course, all of the content and photos are yours, but the designs and code (HTML, etc.) of your SiteValet-powered website remain the intellectual property of SiteValet. You can’t save your design and/or code from SiteValet and move it to a different host.

Once you do cancel your account, your website will be removed from our servers. Under our “cancel anytime” policy, you will not be billed by SiteValet anymore.

Does SiteValet offer online Reservations capabilities?
Not yet. When we started SiteValet we believed there were first-priority problems with the quality of our customers’ websites and significant difficulty in managing them. And fixing these things was prohibitively expensive. We understand the importance of “closing the sale” online, but we think first there needs to be a sale to close.

We are looking at our options to provide Reservations functionality. Do we build it or do we partner and integrate with an existing solution? We’d love to hear your ideas and preferences.

In the short term, we’ll be adding the ability for you to provide a link to any third-party reservations solution you’re using. This will pop-up a new browser window from your site, taking your visitors to your presence on the external site.