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A better website for your hotel, inn or B&B. Easier. Cheaper.


Better.Our first job is to help you create the best possible website for your business. We think you will find your SiteValet website to be be far better than what you have now and better than a custom site you would pay thousands of dollars for.

Beautiful DesignBeautiful Design

Your website will look great! Our SiteValet “themes” are created by some very talented designers. Use your favorite, or choose to have a Custom Theme designed for you.

Home PageA Great Home Page

Your home page will present a clear, concise overview of your property. Give your guests a quick sense of what you’re about, and invite them to dig a little deeper.

Clearly OrganizedClearly Organized

Don’t let your users get lost. SiteValet websites present a nice clear structure, built in keeping with sound “information architecture” principles.

PhotosA picture is worth a lot of words

We present your photos beautifully on your website. Nice thumbnails, photo galleries and a click-to-zoom “lightbox” that fills your guest’s screen.

FeaturesGreat Features

A Google Map, Google Analytics, a weblog. We give you the features you need and we’ll keep adding new ones for you and your site visitors.


We take care of the little things your site should do to optimize for search engines like Google: well-structured HTML, a sitemap.xml file, and a few others.


Easier.Building and maintaining your website is as easy as filling out a series of forms, uploading some photos and choosing a design.

SEOBuild your site in a few hours

Just fill in a few forms, upload some photos and choose your design from our library of themes.

SEOUpdate anything, anytime

Just login and change any of your content, anytime. Your changes will be immediately made to your website.

SEOWe even make photos easy

We take the pain out of website photos. Just upload the best ones you have. We take care of thumbnails, resizing, everything.

SEOQuickly add new content

Want to add a quick news story (blog post)? A special for the weekend? It’s dead-simple and will take you just a couple of minutes.

SEOOne-click redesign

Time for a new look? Just browse our theme library and choose the one you like. Instant redesign. Free.

SEOOne-stop shop

No need to deal with separate designers, developers and webhosts. We do it all for you, or let you to do it all for yourself.


Cheaper.We think $49.95/month is a great deal. You’re likely spending the better part of that now on hosting alone.

SEOEverything included

Design, development, hosting. Even complete redesigns (just choose a new theme).

SEOThe alternative?

Pay a web developer $3-10k for the initial design, spend $25-50/month hosting and $50-100/hour for changes. And do it all again when you want to redesign your site.