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Small Hotels: Expenses Rising Faster Than Revenue

Fort Lauderdale’s Sun Sentinel has a story on how revenue at small hotels is not keeping up with expenses.

dollarsWhen times get tough (even when times are good) it’s critical to invest money where it will help your business. But as this article makes clear, you don’t want to be spending more than you should. Uncontrollable items like property taxes and huge cable TV bills make it all the more important to make smart decisions in areas where you’re in control of what you spend and what you get.

We created SiteValet with this in mind:

  • We think your website is absolutely critical to your business and you shouldn’t simply be getting by on “I already have a website,” when that website is outdated and ineffective.
  • But you also shouldn’t be wasting thousands of dollars on custom website design and development. The return on that investment is just too questionable.

We give you a great, modern, effective website that’s better than most custom sites. And instead of charging thousands of dollars, we charge a low monthly fee and no up-front costs.

Spend smart!

  • srigrace1

    Families can make reserve rooms for a small
    seaside hotel for less than they would spend in a luxury hotel, that often have
    all the comforts of home that cannot be found in the resort hotels.

  • Tyler Jones

    This has been written very well.