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Archive for January, 2010

Positive feedback . . . from my Dad

Maybe this doesn’t count as completely objective feedback, but what the heck …

I received an email from my Dad today:

Dave: Just checked out the Butler’s Cottages site. It’s better than 99% of the tourist sites that I see. The pics are great quality—any visitor to the site would be impressed. Great!!!

Again, maybe not purely objective, but my Dad’s a pretty straight-shooting guy. He would have just as easily sent me a note letting me know what could be better. As a startup entrepreneur, my focus is usually on what’s wrong or what could be better. It’s nice to get small reminders about the things you get right.

"I never, ever, dreamt that I would help to create a website"

Brenda & Larry Butler own Butler’s Cottages, two rental cottages near the beach in Stanhope, PEI. They’re down in Florida for the season and when they left they put their phone on a temporary Winter disconnect. But temporarily discontinuing their phone service inadvertently took down their website (hosted by their telecom), too.

They came to SiteValet hoping to get a website back up quickly. A few days after contacting us they were back online with a much better site than what they had. And for the first time they had their own URL:

When Brenda started to create her site, I received this in an email:

You and your group have really done a great job on this whole project – me doing a web page is not something that anyone, including myself, would ever have imagined.

Thank you SO MUCH Dave for your help and support – we are very pleased with this website – so much better than our previous one – we will definitely be staying with your company :)

Thanks again and let me know if you need anything else from us !!

And then, after we got their site published yesterday, she sent me this:

I saw the website – it really looks nice – thank you so much Dave. We are more than pleased with your help and with your SUPPORT – thanks so much. I never, ever, dreamt that I would help to create a web site.

You can certainly use statements from me for your blog. I was thinking that we would write something on it ourselves but by all means – anything that we can help you with in your endeavor with this new business of yours we are willing to help out.

So, once again, thanks – you really did help us out .

Always fun to receive those emails.