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Dave Hyndman – Founder & President

Dave Hyndman

Hi. I’m Dave Hyndman. Thanks for taking the time to look at SiteValet.

First the personal, because it’s what’s most important.

I’m 43 years old. I’ve been in an amazingly happy partnership with my wife for 22 years. We have three young kids, ages 12, 9, and 5. SiteValet is my attempt to create some longterm job and financial security for these four people who depend so much on me. In the process, I hope to have some fun (so far, so good). I’ll only get to where I’m going if I can help you create a great website for your business and help you manage your web presence on an ongoing basis. Let me know if I’m screwing this up, because it’s pretty important that I get it right.


I’ve been in the tech business for my entire 20+ year career. For the 7 years before I started SiteValet, I created and ran a very successful Travel & Hospitality business for T4G Limited, one of Canada’s leading IT consulting firms. At T4G we did all of the web and backend software development for Tourism BC and New Brunswick Tourism. We also did software development for Fairmont, Intrawest and others.

Before T4G, I worked as the Director of Product Development for a web startup in San Francisco (a victim of the first Internet boom … and bust). And prior to that I spent 6 years at FedEx, in Dubai, San Francisco and Memphis. At FedEx, I worked as a lead supply chain technology consultant to some of FedEx’s largest customers, including Apple, HP, and others. While there, I had amazing (and sometimes whacky) experiences implementing technology in places like Tiapei, Istanbul, Dhaka and Riyadh.

There have been a few gaps in between these roles where I’ve managed to make mortgage payments by working as an independent technology and business consultant.

The further I get into my career, the less important my formal education seems. But for what it’s worth, I have an MBA from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management (though before the odd trend of all b-schools needing to name themselves) and I have an undergrad degree in business from Babson College. In hindsight, a little too focused on the business thing. I should have done a Liberal Arts degree.

A Bit More

  • I’m a geek. That’s a pejorative, but all I mean by it is that I love technology. I’ve been fascinated by it for years and I spend hours of my day reading about it, figuring it out and using it. I’m that guy who can actually make his computer do what he wants it to do.
  • I’m a huge music fan, though I’ve been accused of being a music snob. I keep a personal “tumblog”, where I mostly post songs I like.
  • I took up kiteboarding a few years ago, and despite living in a place with only the smallest of hills, I’ve been an avid (and pretty good) skier since I was six.
  • I discovered CrossFit a little over a year ago and I’m hooked. I religiously go five times a week to CrossFit PEI, my local “box.” It has drastically improved my level of fitness. At 43, I feel better than I have since my early 20s.

The Team

I was able to build and run SiteValet thanks to the help and expertise of a handful of folks. These guys are among the best at what they do and they have been a blast to work with.

  • Andrew Forward is my lead developer. Andrew is proof of how much a sole developer can accomplish.
  • Ryan Lowe was my original lead developer. Tragically, Ryan passed away last year. I still miss him every day.
  • Dave Shea, web design rockstar (my term, not his) and creator of CSS Zen Garden, created SiteValet’s theme framework. The framework governs the way other designers create new website themes for us.
  • The awesome folks at silverorange designed and created the entire application user interface.